Why Free Counter Plus is Free

Free Counter Plus is able to provide its users with free resources through targeted advertising "sponsoring" the counters and site statistics. We understand that users take pride in the appearance of their sites and do not wish to post bulky, unsightly banners. When a user of the software installs the counter on their website, the small "sponsor" banner (viewable in the examples) generates clickthroughs for our advertisers. This clickthrough traffic boosts sponsor sales and revenue, benefiting all parties involved.

We do not accept advertising requests from sites containing questionable content, and absolutely no pornographic, racist, or any other illegal sites are accepted.

When you sign up for a free counter & stats, your counter will have a permanent link to one of our sponsors. This link is randomly generated, so if there is a conflict, or you are unhappy with your sponsor, simply re-enter your information and you will be randomly assigned a new sponsor site.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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