Welcome to Free Counter Plus - the home of free web counters. We provide you with a totally free hit counter that is easy to install - it only takes minutes. Once installed, you get complete accurate information on your website's traffic and visitors. We provide web traffic and visitor information by hour, week, month, and year. We also include vital statistics such as browser type and computing platform. All of which allow you to understand your website even better.

Other websites charge you a monthly free to provide the same level of detail that we do, but Free Counter Plus is completely free. Free Counter Plus is not a free trial or a product that requires you to upgrade at a later date - it will always remain a totally free web counter. Only your web site address is required to sign up - no email address means absolutely no unwanted messages!

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Free Counter Plus offers you a variety of website statistics to help you understand the visitors to your website. We are constantly improving and adding additional functionality. Here is a partial list of the web stats that we offer for free to any website owner:
  • Total number of page views
  • Traffic overview that shows page view traffic to your site by:
    • Hour of the day
    • By the day of the week
    • Daily for the past month
    • Months data for the past year
  • Visitor analysis by:
    • Visitors by hour of the day
    • Visitors by day of the week
  • Detailed information on which browsers your visitors are using
  • Detailed information on what computing platform they are using
The data is presented to you in easy to understand graphs that is available to you 24/7. You never have to worry about parsing your web logs again or paying a monthly fee. Our service has always been free and we aim to keep it that way.

A site without statistics is like driving without your headlights on in the middle of the night. It is difficult to figure out where you need to go and you can quickly run off the road. You need quick and easy access to statistics to understand what is happening to your website. Otherwise you won't know what to improve on your website. Are your page views growing? How fast is your visitor count growing? What day of the week or hours of the day are the most popular. All these questions and more can be answered with our statistics.

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